INFERNO Tactical survival paracord bracelet

The INFERNO Tactical survival paracord bracelet


This bracelet is handmade in the UK and crafted by myself, this design is tested and used by the military and survival enthusiasts all over the world.
Simple and functional, product is designed to compliment SERE skills.( Survive, Evade, Resist and Extract)  
This bracelet is made from high quality Pskook Firecord, containing 7 Individual triple-nylon braided strands and 3 special strands. This paracord has a breaking strain of 550 Lbs!


The fire cord consists of- 

-Cotton strand- The cotton line can help with sewing clothes or a wound in an emergency, due to the Strength and Durability of the cotton.
Tinder strand -The red waxed flax waterproof fire tinder can make instant fire even in heavy rain, it still gives hope to someone in trouble. This is designed to be ruffled up and takes a spark to create fire very easily.

-Plastic fishing line- The fishing line will help you catch the food easily according to your situation. this is a extremely strong fishing line (40lbs) designed to be used to fish or can be used for snares.

-Survival buckle-
Plastic survival buckle contains a high pitch whistle, ferro rod and removable striker to create that important spark to create a fire quickly and efficiently. 
TIP: Signal for help: One whistle blast, "where are you", two blasts, "come here", three blasts, "help me", or signal the SOS distress call with 3 short, 3 long, & 3 short blasts.
TIP: the ferro rod has an outer coating, scrape gently to remove with the striker.  

Compass, removable lightweight emergency compass. This should never be used for precission navigation but will tell you the gerneral direction of north. TIPS remove from bracelet , place on level platform such as tree stump. Be aware metal in the ground can throw the pointer off. 

Ranger bands- These are made of rubber and are ideal to burn in an emergency for a slow burning flame.when on the bracelet they also create a void where small items can be stored.

Kevlar Utility Thread (K.U.T.) Sawing Cord (high spec 200lb tested - UV/Friction Resistant) used by special forces units around the world.Can be used for Sawing branches, constructing traps, making a a bow saw or used as garrote.

Tinder pack-
This bracelet contains a waterproof capsule containing jute string and treated with vasaline, to be ruffled up and used as instant light tinder so in the most dire of circumstances you have to ability to create fire.


Latex Surgical tubing- Used to create hunting tools and can be used in many different survival situations.



SIZE - I will build this bracelet in any size you require, just send me a message after purchasing or select your size in the drop down menu. 

This bracelet is not a toy, it is designed to be used in an emergency only.This item has Latex in the form of tubing , if you have a latex allegy please ask me to remove the latex surgical tubing. 


Many thanks

    Latex surgical tubing